What is a bypass?

A Bypass is a method to skip activation lock screen and use your apple device as a regular iPhone or Tablet (make calls, use wifi, facetime, etc.)

What are the restrictions?

You cannot restore the device via iTunes, (don't worry my tool will not let you restore by phone settings, it will be disabled) if you do restore with itunes don't worry, your device stay registered forever, just redo process and will not have to pay another $13 it will be free!

What you need?

Windows 8 or 10, MAC USERS ---> Send me a message!

What devices are supported?

iPhone X,8p,8,7p,7,6sp,6s,6p,6, 5s and most iPads!

Need FMI OFF method?

Visit our page, and send us a message we will give you quote on your device for FMI OFF.